Feel like joining us?

Feel like joining us?

Do you want to play table-tennis at TTC Meerdaal? You are welcome on the following days:

If you do not have a bat yet, you can borrow one in the club. If you decide to continue after that, the trainers can advise you to buy a decent bat at a reasonable price. Do not buy a bat yourself, most bats you buy (even in a sports shop) are worthless and cannot be used to learn even the most basic technique.

The first three trainings are free. If you decide to join after that, membership rates are as follows:

  • Competition 16 years old or older


  • Competition 15 years old or younger


  • Recreative (no competition) all ages


  • Student rate (full-time students)


  • Multimove only



Membership fee is to be transferred to the account of TTC Meerdaal Leuven: BE17 7350 4713 5621 with reference “LIDGELD <Member Name>”. Your health insurer (Ziekenfonds, mutualiteit) may refund part of the membership fee, check with them to see if you are eligible for this.

Discount: there is a € 5 discount for the second member of the same family on the same address, € 7.5 for the third member and € 10 from the fourth member onwards. Member ship is for a full year and starts/ends in July. If you join after Januari 1st, you pay 50% for the remaining period.

Included in the membership fee:

Where to find us?

Training location is the sports hall of the VTI (Dekenstraat 3 in Leuven). To get here, see the below plan, follow either the green or the red (only if the big wooden gate is open) arrow. The sports hall is on the first floor behind the red door. 


Any other questions you may have will receive a swift and clear answer when sent to info@meerdaal.be.

We look forward to seeing you on one of our trainings!

Vanja Beerts, on behalf of the board of TTC Meerdaal